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Company Profile


- Company Name: 


Chinese Strategic Holdings Limited
(formerly known as
China Railway Logistics Limited)

- Directors:  Executive Directors

- Ms. Chan Shui Sheung, Ivy

- Mr. Mok Tsan San  

Non-executive Director

- Mr. Lam Kwok Hing, Wilfred (Chairman)

Independent Non-executive Directors
- Ms. Yuen Wai Man
- Mr. Chow Fu Kit Edward

- Mr. Lam Raymond Shiu Cheung



- Stock Code: 

- Date of initial listing
  on GEM:

18th May 2000

- Place of Incorporation: Bermuda


- Business activities: The Company and its subsidiaries are principally engaged in businesses of properties investments, securities trading, loan financing and trading business. 


Memorandum of Association and Bye-Laws

 Released on 2 April 2012



Chinese Strategic Holdings Limited